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About Bee Anything But Boring

I'm a full time engineer and a part time wanderluster, and I started Bee Anything But Boring as a way for me to share my love for traveling with YOU! Whether you're an avid traveler already or still dreaming of taking your first big trip, there is plenty of travel goodness for everyone. Be warned though, the travel bug is contagious, and my goal is to spread it! At Bee Anything But Boring, you'll find posts full of travel itineraries, travel tips, and travel stories for cities in your backyard and around the world.
So who am I and where does "Bee Anything But Boring" come from? Hi I'm Rachael, the travel blogger/ enthusiast/ adventure seeker behind the words and photos. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, I graduated from Michigan State University in 2011. When I graduated, my mom gifted me a compact mirror with the words "Be Anything But Boring" etched into it, and those words totally stuck. Growing up I never was good at being bored. Or sitting still. Or entertaining myself. Fast forward some years later, and heck- Who am I kidding, I'm still not.
I'd like to say that I've quit the whole 8-5 gig and am a professional traveler, hey a girl can dream right? But while earning two college degrees and building a successful career, I've also managed to have some pretty epic adventures fueling my passion of traveling around the world. My friends and family always ask me how I travel so much. Well I'll let you in the secret, I strive to bee anything but boring.

Want to know more? Check out my very first blog post to hear my story and learn how I discovered my passion for traveling.

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