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A Day In Capri- The Island You Can’t Miss On Your Next Italy Trip

A Day in Capri- The Island You Can’t Miss on Your Next Italy Trip

When I hear Italy I think Ancient Rome, Vineyards in Tuscany, Canals of Venice. I recently returned from an amazing two week trip through Italy and surprisingly my most favorite place wasn’t any of these. It was Capri; an island I had never heard of and visited on a whim. In this travel guide I’m excited to share the perfect itinerary for exploring Capri in a day.

Now, let me start by saying I’m a planner and had my 14 day adventure planned down to the hour (future blog post on my full itinerary coming soon!) After spending 5 days in Malta, the second half of my trip started in the south of Italy (a short flight later) in the city of Naples, and I allocated 2 days there before traveling onward. Aside from the most amazing pizza ever at Sorbillos, Naples wasn’t what I expected it to be and I found that I was ready to leave after the first night; which opened up an extra day in my perfectly planned itinerary.


Lucky me for, it didn’t take long to find something fun to do, as Naples is home to two ferry ports; Calata di Massa for slow ferries and Molo Beverello for high speed ferries.  Booking a ticket at the port was very easy, and a short 40 minutes later, I found myself arriving on the island of Capri along with many other day trippers excited for their day in Capri. I loved it so much though, that I wasn’t ready to leave. I ended up staying the night there and headed back to Naples via ferry the next morning. It is totally possible to see Capri in a day though, just be sure to arrive as early as possible to be able to make the most of your time there!

Getting around Capri is fairly easy as there are buses and only 3 stops; Marina Grande is the stop at the base of the island right next to the ferry port, the next stop is Capri, and the last stop of Anacapri. A bus ride alone is quite the experience! You won’t believe how narrow the roads are and may find yourself holding your breath as two buses attempt to drive along the same ride without grazing the other.


The first thing I did upon arriving in Capri was depart on a boat tour. Boats found in Marina Grande offer full circle or half circle trips sailing around the island; 2-4 hours respectively. If you have the time, I’d say go for the full circle trip or else you’ll miss one of the most famous sights; the legendary trio of rock formations rising out of the sea known as Faraglioni.


Both the full and half circle trips stop at this next destination, the Blue Grotto. Side note- if you read my blog post on Malta, you’ll know that the Blue Grotto there is a must see too. Capri’s own beautiful Blue Grotto, is the most famous sight on the island. For 13 euros you can exit the boat and aboard a small rowboat to enter this natural sea cave. The bright blue color of the water found inside the cave is produced from the reflection of the sunlight entering it; pictures don’t do it justice.


If you only have a day in Capri, the next thing you must see is Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island at 600m above sea level. If you take the bus from Marina Grande to Anacapri (the third stop), which takes about 20 minutes, you’ll find yourself in Piazza Vittoria. Here is where you’ll find the entrance to Monte Solaro via chairlift. The 12 minute, 11 euro ride itself is breathtaking, but once you reach the top, you’ll witness even more striking views of the island and the sea. You can spend as much time as you’d like at the top before descending down; you can even order a glass of overpriced wine to enjoy while admiring the panoramic views.


If you opted for the day trip, it is most likely time to catch your ferry back to Naples; be sure to get some lunch or gelato at the very least before heading out! If you do decide to stay the night, there are lots of cute Bed and Breakfasts available on Airbnb in Capri and Anacapri. If you know you’ll be staying a night or two before you arrive, I recommend booking your housing in advance as there will be more options and more time for communication. The place I stayed was beautiful and I highly recommend it (La Cicas B&B), however the host only spoke Italian and I only spoke English, which made the check in process rather confusing.  Regardless of where you are staying though, be sure to pick up a map and ask for very specific directions to reach your lodging accommodations before you arrive; similar to Venice, the narrow windy streets make it very easy to get lost. If a shuttle is available to your lodging from Marina Grande, it would be wise to accept.

I stayed in Anacapri which was fairly quiet at night compared to Capri’s nightlife, but a relaxing evening was just what I needed. This was an anniversary trip with my boyfriend and we splurged for dinner at the cutest Italian restaurant, Giorgio Al Cucciolo; voted the best sunset restaurant in Capri. We happened to stumble upon it but later found that they typically require reservations and also offer complimentary pick up/dropoff to/from your hotel. I’m not a professional travel blogger (yet) so I don’t receive anything for writing this, but this was hands down the best meal of my entire 2 week Italy trip! The service was great, the food was amazing, the wine was inexpensive and locally made, we received complimentary limoncello at the end of our meal and ate dinner while watching the sunset on the Mediterranean. I can’t think of or recommend, a more perfect place to end a day in Capri.


To recap- Make sure you allow a day in your Italy itinerary for Capri! Take a boat ride around the island, ride the chairlift to the highest peak, eat amazing Italian food, then you can continue with the rest of your Italian adventure. Did you manage to see Capri in a day or are you dying to go back again like I am? In my opinion no amount of time would have been enough, I completely feel in love!


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  1. […] I enjoyed the Gozo and Comino tour so much that I decided to take another tour the next day. This one started off by taking us via coach bus to one of Malta’s most famous jewels, the Blue Grotto. Upon arrival you’ll see dozens of row boats lined up in the water ready to take tourists into the caves. Although the row boat was not included in the excursion price, it’s the only way to get up close to Grottos so is well worth the extra 8e. Once inside the row boat, you’re taken around the caves and inside the many hidden grottos where you’ll see the most striking glowing blue water imaginable. (Capri, Italy also has a similar Blue Grotto, why not visit them both?!) […]

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